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About Montenegro

Just shy of 300 kilometres from top to bottom, Montenegro may only be small but it is most certainly mighty. Here is a place where majestic mountains rise from sparkling turquoise Adriatic water, lush pine forests cling to the hills and colourful, fragrant blossoms cling to the old stone buildings. Aside from its astounding natural beauty, Montenegro also packs a punch when it comes to historical sightseeing. Awash with medieval towns, ancient churches and once-grand palazzos, visiting Montenegro is akin to opening up a magical fairy tale book.

With so much beauty on offer, it’s a wonder that Montenegro hasn’t gone the way of many other Mediterranean destinations and found itself overrun with holidaymakers, uncomfortably crowded and stripped of its unique, Montenegrin charm. On the contrary, while this ‘hidden gem’ has recently found itself enjoying the limelight as an emerging popular holiday destination, Montenegro has steadfastly held on to all that makes it special. From warm and friendly welcoming locals to jaw-dropping scenery, from beautiful beaches to enchanting architecture, magical Montenegro is a country you are sure to fall in love with.

Facts & Figures

Some facts and figures about Montenegro (pay attention - we test all of our guests on arrival!):

Area13,800 square km (2/3 the size of Wales)
CurrencyEuro (in the 1990's Montenegro adopted the DeutschMark to combat inflation and when Germany switched to the Euro, Montenegro followed suit)
Time zoneCET (GMT +1)
Dialling code+382
Main AirportsTivat, Podgorica
LanguagesOfficially Montenegrin [but that's really pretty similar to Serbo-Croat...]
Notable citiesPodgorica (Capital), Kotor, Budva, Herceg Novi, Bar, Niksic
Highest peakBobotovKuk, 2,522m above sea level

Montenegro weather

Montenegro enjoys a very pleasant climate with a Mediterranean climate on the coast and an alpine climate higher up in the mountains. The average summer coastal temperature is 27 degrees Celsius (81 degrees Fahrenheit) during peak season (July-August) but can and does rise 10 degrees higher than this. The temperature drops by about 10-15 degrees during the spring and late summer months although the sea is still pleasantly warm enough for you to swim and enjoy water sports activities.

The water is generally calm (the Bay of Kotor, for example, is almost Fjord-like) and the coast enjoys a great deal of sunshine.



Magical Montenegro is a fabulous treasure trove of delights just waiting to be discovered. Breath-taking natural beauty, exquisitely preserved ancient towns and a warm welcome - the Mediterranean as it once was.

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